Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Sweet Home Alabama" in chaos, as some counties don't allow even straight marriage now; Clarence Thomas hints at a "win" in June

Sweet Home Alabama is in a fracas as a state official told counties to ignore a federal court ruling.  Some counties, around the larger cities (especially Birmingham and Huntsville) are recognizing gay marriages, but a few counties have refused to process any marriages at all, gay or straight, in protest. The latest Washington Post story from the AP is here

In the meantime, Clarence Thomas, in a minor dissent on a refusal of the Supreme Court to intervene right now until the decision in June, hinted that the Court is likely to recognize a fundamental right to marriage or equal protection, in any case, a win.  

Alabama state Chief Justice Roy Moore faces off with Chris Cuomo, link here. Think Progress has an account here. Moore brought up Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguon!  Moore seems to be claiming "states rights".  We've heard this before.   Will he obey the Supreme Court in June?
Nan Hunter from Georgetown University warns about too much optimism now, in this Washington Blade story by Chris Johnson.

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