Saturday, February 07, 2015

Zoey Tor reports on transgendered Bruce Jenner, a male track hero from the 1970s

CNN today presented Zoey Tor, one of the first openly transgendered newscasters (story in New York Post), and also a helicopter pilot for CBS.  Apparently “he” had broadcast a lot of the “low speed” chase in Los Angeles of O.J. Simpson in June 1994 the day he was finally arrested. 
Tor discussed Bruce Jenner, who seems to have angered the trangendered community with her announcement on television of her sex-change, TMZ link here.  Wikipedia does not yet mention the change.  Jenner was pretty much a male role model as an Olympic track athlete in the early 1970s, especially in 1972.  

Update later today:

Bruce Jenner was involved in a serious automobile accident. USA Today reports here.  Jenner was uninjured, but one person was killed in the pileup in Malibu, CA.

In another story, about horrific bullying of an "agendered" teen, Aplus reports how the Oakland CA school system handled it.  

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