Friday, March 13, 2015

Ocular syphilis is causing blindness in some MSM

The Washington Blade is reporting on an ocular syphilis outbreak among MSM, and it seems to be more likely or more severe among men who are HIV+.  Many of the reports come from the LA area. The link is here
This variation of syphilis can lead to partial or total blindness, in one or both eyes.
Yet the old bacterial diseases – syphilis and gonorrhea, a stable of advice in gay men’s health in earlier generations, became totally overshadowed by AIDS and HIV in the 1980s.  Another major concern was Hepatitis B.  I actually got the vaccination for it in the fall of 1982 in Dallas. 

College students, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, need to consider getting both meningitis vaccines before moving into dorms.  Again, HIV+ status probably makes the complications (amputations) more likely, but they can affect everyone.  The Type B vaccine is new, but Type B is the more dangerous type, probably.   

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