Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Presbyterian Church approve subtle wording change to allow same-sex marriages

The largest Presbyterian body in the United States, PCUSA, has approved a wording change in its constitution to allow LGBT weddings in the church.  The wording changes from marriage as a contract “between a man and a woman” to a contract “between two people traditionally a man and a woman”.  I might have inserted the word “adult”.  The New York Times story by Laurie Goodstein is here
The Presbyterian denomination in the US has lost 37% of its membership since 1992. 
I have attended both Clarendon Presbyterian Church (link ) and more recently Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA.  
Social life in mainstream churches, however, tends to revolve around families with children (and extended by elders), and around mutual support and needs that often arise in families, and not so much with individual personal choices in the usual sense.  

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