Wednesday, March 04, 2015

UK denies asylum to lesbian from Nigeria because she has kids; more on TPP, Gambia, and Alabama

First, we’ve covered Alabama’s self-strangulation on gay marriage, and it seems to go on today.

There is a significant story today by Shane Larson and Lori Pelletier, “Obama must be consistent on LGBT rights”, in negotiating the TPP.  Now the Trans Pacific Partnership talks have come under heavy criticism from libertarian interests because of aggressive copyright enforcement policies, hindering speech.  This article is more narrowly targeted toward countries with anti-gay policies, specifically Gambia in this case, after the USTR terminated Gambia from the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

Today Vox  (story by Amanda Taub) reported that the UK had denied political asylum to Aderonke Apata, a lesbian from Nigeria, because she has children! 

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