Thursday, May 21, 2015

Boy Scouts head says that ban on gay adult leaders is unsustainable

Dr. Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts of America, has told the BSA that its current organizational ban on gay adult scout leaders is unsustainable.  The Scouting News Room has the PDF for his remarks here. There is a summary story in Vox Media by Margarita Noriega here
The BSA recently allowed local troops to decide whether to admit openly gay scouts.  This was surprisingly difficult despite the repeal of the example-setting military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 2011. The Supreme Court had upheld the BSA's constitutional right to a ban based on its status as a private group back in 2000. 
Just as with the military, the notion that the presence of gay men in a culture dependent on “unit cohesion” undermines this motivation at a psychological level, has receded with younger adults who have grown up in a more individualistic culture.  For me, this whole line of thinking had started in a college dorm at William and Mary in 1961.  Overtime, it experienced increasing difficulty renting public facilities. 
I was a Cub Scout for one year, at age 8.  I couldn’t stand it!  But I remember the tasks.  Like tie your necktie.


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