Friday, July 03, 2015

GOP behavior shows partisan polarization on gay and other issues

Jack Hunter of Politico (usually free in print at Starbucks) has a piece (“Republicans are too angry about gay marriage”) today about partisanship and gay equality – especially marriage equality, but in the past the same polarization has happened with the military issue, HIV issues, and even sodomy laws.  The link is here.  The most hyperbolic is Santorum’s claim that stopping gay marriage was “about the survival of the country” which sounds more true of Russia (with its low birth rate).  Remember Santorum’s 2004 attempted constitutional amendment, when Diane Feinstein was trying to get him to look at and spend real time on an anti-terrorism bill? 

OK, yes, I know the Log Cabin Republicans.  Gradually they are making a real difference. (Not quite "we".)  It's always been interesting how conservative "fiscally" a lot of more "successful" LGBT professionals are, and always have been.  That points toward libertarianism.
Yes, partisanship is often about fear, and about fitting independent wavering people into a social, loyalty and political structure created by others.  It’s something that authoritarian leaders (like Vladimir Putin) master all too well

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