Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nigeria (and other developing countries) really are terrified of gay marriage in the West

Here’s a curious story on CNN by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, “Why are Nigerians so terrified of same-sex marriage in America?”, link here

The story, by a Nigerian who traveled to Massachusetts to attend a friend’s gay marriage, indicates that Nigerians back home are terrified of the idea that gay marriage has become accepted in western countries.

Part of the issue has to do with the vestiges of colonialism.  Recently British Prime Minister David Cameron warned African heads of state that Britain might withhold foreign aid if they continued anti-gay policies at home.

While President Obama is getting a lot of attention for his “deal” on Iran and while Europeans fret ver Greece, another even is Obama’s meeting with new Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari, who replaces Goodluck Jonathan, who had signed Nigeria’s anti-gay law in 2013 before losing control of the northereastern part of his country to Boko Haram terrorists.  Obama is expected to pressure Buhari to do something about the law.

In less developed countries people tend to see homosexuality as a threat to lineage, much as is the case in Russia.  And that is all some families think they have to hang on to.

Homosexuality is becoming a proxy for divide between the West and authoritarian countries, just as it had been a proxy issue for controversies over “individualism” when I was growing up. This is certainly an issue for gay employees of companies that need associates to travel and even work temporarily in these countries.  


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