Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Straight dad talks obliquely about marriage equality, hypothetical gay son in popular fatherhood blog

A CNN story about weight gain in recent fathers (Issues blog today) refers to a blog by John Kinnear. It’s called “Ask Your Dad”.  I suppose if mommy blogs have created a profitable niche (like Heather Armstrong’s “Dooce”) so can daddyhood.
What I found was “Not another political post on the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality,” link here  He links to his own post about a hypothetical gay son – warning about safer sex, for one thing. 
This post concerns a narrative about an early boyhood friend who turned out to be gay.  And he notes that the world has not changed all that much because of marriage equality.  He mentions growing up among Mormon neighbors.  But, as author Gordon Merrick had noted, “The Lord Won’t Mind”.
I can recall a bizarre outdoor conversation with a neighbor’s boy back in  August, 1950, after I had recovered from the measles.  He had grown a little taller than me while I was sick.  He said something about the idea that sometimes boys marry boys. 
First picture: Pulse disco in Orlando FL, recent trip. 

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