Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cato executive answers GOP claims that marriage equality could somehow bring back religious "persecution"

David Boaz, an executive vice-president of the Cato Institute and author of "The Libertarian Mind" (Book reviews April 1, 2015), has an interesting perspective in Time Magazine, “Marriage Equality’s ‘Reign of Terror’ Is in the Past—Not the Present”, link here.
As Boaz points out, the claim that “gay activists” are imposing on the religious freedom of Christian conservatives and somehow threatening them, is indeed a canard (one of Boaz’s favorite words in conversation). 
But he does go on to explain the “reign of terror” of past decades on gay people (often younger men) indirectly, through sodomy laws, which had been an excuse for all kinds of discrimination, bar raids (as in Dallas until 1981), and expulsions (like mine at William and Mary).  The laws used to give gay men the status of “unapprehended felons”, as Scott Peck (the Marine Corps’ general son during the 1993 debates on the military ban) often said on his radio show.   To me, the word "persecution" always sounds like a leveraging of "victimization", even "injustice collection". 


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