Sunday, August 16, 2015

Minor league player said to be first openly gay man affiliated with a Major League Baseball team

A player in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system is now the first openly gay player affiliated with Major League Baseball, although MLB has publicly promoted its non-discrimination policy for several years now.   The Washington Post news story is here.  Comparisons could be made to Glenn Burke, and Billy Bean (without the "e').  MLB's account is here
The player is David Denson, 20, who plays for a minor league team in Helena MT (a city which I visited just once, in 1981).  He hits with some power. 
At the same time, Michael Sam has withdrawn from attempting to compete in professional football, at least for now.
It’s apparent to me that there are some young men, from mid 20s on, who probably could have competed in professional sports, like baseball and hockey, had pro sports been more accommodating in the past.
Don’t be su rprised if some day there is a transgender baseball player (particularly, pitcher).
As an aside, I found some articles on home-field advantage in pro sports to pass on:  Major LeagueBaseball, and then the NFL.  More gay bars (like Nellies in Washington) have sports screens than ever before.   

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