Sunday, August 23, 2015

NY Times Opinionator challenges overuse of immutability, "born this way" argument

I’ll pass along the “Opinionator” column in the New York Times by John Corvino, “Gay rights and the race analogy”, link here.  There are other analogies, like age and religion. 
A Facebook friend passed this along a little while ago. I gave his post a “Like” and I wrote as a comment, “Immutability has (at best) always sounded like a lazy argument, often misleading.”

Corvino presents several examples, involving wedding cakes, birthday parties, and other stuff, and shows how “logically” many commonly accepted arguments for “gay rights” (sold by organizations who have to raise a lot of money) break down.  I like his comparison of counts of Confederate and rainbow flags, and mention of Jim Crow laws of the past. I'd recommend Kevin Willmott's 2004 indie mockumentary film, "C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America". 
My own case, as I’ve often written here, is definitely mixed. The more you look into my own life narrative, the more troubling paradoxes and ironies you find.
But just carrying a placard that says “born this way” in a pride parade seems intellectually lazy.  It may raise money and get converts. But it won’t always work, even morally.

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