Tuesday, August 18, 2015

US Navy Seals, Army Rangers show women (a select few) can pass their rigorous physical training

The US Navy is reporting that it will accept women into its Seals program, just after the Army announced that two women had completed an Army Ranger program that only 40% of males pass.  CNN has known details on both stories here.  Both services would require that women pass the same physical performance standards as men. It was not clear how quickly women would actually be deployed in combat missions, but that sounds inevitable.  Women will be very valuable in intelligence gathering in some conflict zones if they can serve in these units. 
There was no discussion of the sexual orientation of anyone in the program, but the report is interesting because it supports the idea that someday a transgender soldier will probably be able to pass one of these programs.  Kristin Beck (“Lady Valor”)  had changed to female after serving in Seals as a male. 

The prescient 1997 film “G. I. Jane” (directed by Ridley Scott, Hollywood Pictures/Disney) portrayed a female (Demi Moore) as passing Navy Seal training. I had seen the movie then at the Mall of America just after moving to Minneapolis. 

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