Saturday, October 10, 2015

A bizarre night on The Town, and a little incident

I guess my own news supersedes everything else, because no one else has it.

Last night, on the way to Town, I encountered a sidewalk fundamentalist preacher with a bullhorn aimed at gays, across 9th Street from Nellie’s. 

I rarely encounter this anymore the way I used to.  “We’ve come a long way” in the past decade. The video speech is hard to hear, but just before he was bellowing that life is not about your choices, but about obedience to God.  Not sure if this was Christian or Muslim, in fact.  I can remember that “Christians” would come into the old Village Station on Cedar Springs in Dallas in the early 1980s and proselytize.  Little Ronnie would have something to say about this.

Later in the disco, after the floor was packed, something a little disturbing happened.  No real big deal.  Someone yanked my cap off.  It was a worn gray cap with a Washington Nationals logo (not the more popular red cap).  I know the Nats stumbled, and at about the same time the Mets were beating Kershaw and the Dodgers in the playoffs in LA. The cap even has some faint blood stains left over from a head cut after a fall on wet pavement in the rain a week ago going to an HRC reception. (I should have washed it.) Usually when someone yanks off a cap in a bar they put it back on and then return it.  But this cap was never to be seen again.  No one was wearing it (nor would they really want to), and it wasn’t on the floor, or on the nearby stand with the dancers.  What was the point? I can only imagine.  There were some young women around who tried to “engage me”, and I did get into a group cell phone shot with my bald head, OK, but maybe the cut will show.

This has never happened.  Everything else was fine, including phone. 

I still have the cap from my visit to the (submarine) Sunfish in Norfolk in 1993 during the debate on gays in the military.


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