Thursday, October 08, 2015

Biden, at HRC dinner: "Love is not a political matter"

“Love is not a political matter”, Vice President Joe Biden said in his keynote speech to HRC Saturday night, with the speech now available on YouTube here.  The introduction mentioned Wilmington, Delaware, an Amtrak stop half way to New York, in the Blue Hen State.

Biden said that the willingness of people, especially of earlier generations, to remain outspoken on equality (and previously privacy) issues has been critical to the stunning progress that sexual orientation equality has made in the past decade. “Information” is important to change.  “You can be married at 9 AM and fired at noon.”

Biden also said that it was important to pass the equality act, and that it would happen, even with a GOP Congress.  It was important for people to remain vocal also about laws already on the books.
Biden mentioned the past repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell” and spoke with pride about willingness to risk lives to serve their country.  He moved to transgender equality and said it would soon be accepted even in the military.

Biden, echoing what Hillary Clinton had already said earlier that day to HRC volunteers, said that less-than-honorable discharges from past generations for being gay should be upgraded to honorable.
The Vice President moved on to the topic of violence, and spoke up for background checks for gun ownership.

He ended the speech with a homily on “What do you think of me?”


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