Friday, October 02, 2015

HRC has Friday Night Federal Club reception in DC; my misadventure getting there

So, I was bad if I didn’t reserve a seat for the HRC National Dinner tomorrow night, since I wasn’t sure several months ago if I would be in town.  And there seems to be no waiting list.
But I did get invited to a Federal Club Friday Night Reception at the Hotel Monaco Paris Ballroom on F St, near the Verizon Center. In the main room, the food was all Vegan. 

I had my misadventures getting here.  First Metro had its usual delays getting in to town.  Then when I got out of the Verizon Center I went the wrong way on F St first, looking at street addresses.  As I walked back, in dress shoes I skidded on wet pavement and landed on back, cutting my head.  A good Samaritan put some gauze on it and insisted on my waiting for an ambulance that never came.  I insisted on leaving.  I put my Nationals cap on over the gauze, which stopped the bleeding and hid the injury, and I went into the reception.  I hardly notice it now, but it looks ugly.  No concussion.
If I get into an Emergency Room, I’ll never get out.

As far as I know, I am still HIV-, but I can see the theoretical point in the public health debate of the 1980s raise by the right wing, of the remote theoretical possibility of incidental transmission to the general population in a bizarre accident.  This was a “what it”.

Thanks to the Good Samaritan, if he finds this posting. 

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