Saturday, October 24, 2015

Walk to End HIV in Washington DC was well attended Saturday morning

The AIDSWalk for Washington DC was held this morning, Oct. 24, 2017, on Pennsylvania Ave, with the booths near 12 St and the Federal Triangle Metro stop (and Metro Center).  It was officially named the “Walk to Ebd HIV” with a tagline “Superheroes don’t fly, they walk”, link here.  There was a 5K timed race and costumes (superheroes) were welcome. Superman (Smallville’s Clark Kent) was common.  Weather was cool, calm, cloudy, temperature in upper 50s, not too cold for shorts.

I am personally not one to make heroes out of people just because of overcoming adversity (but I recall the title of a PBS film about 10 years ago about kids with cancer, “Lion in the House”.

Yet, when I was living in Dallas, I felt that way about a particular PWA who recovered initially from Kaposi’s Sarcoma and was a local hero, to start relapsing in mid 1986 and pass way in early 1987. He would appear on the AIDS Quilt in Washington DC in October 1989.

The people were pretty much returned from the races and walk (in the area toward the Capitol) by 11AM.

Flags from Botswana and Cameroon appeared in the parade.

The Walk to END HIV competed with a Crop Hunger Walk to Ending Hunger One Step at a Time in Arlington VA.  And there was also a walk to end Alzheimer’s. Someone handed out flyers for this event at the Federal Triangle Metro.

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