Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Do transgender people have to register with Selective Service?

Recall that on July 13, 2015 (while the “cat was away – that is I was in Orlando, well, actually, Tampa) Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced ending of the rules that had previously prohibited transgender people from service in the US military, Time story by Eliza Gray here

But do transgender people have to register for Selective Service (ages 18 to 25)?  The answer is that people who had begin life as biological males must do so, regardless of progress in change, but those who had started as female do not.  Here is the reference online at the SSS site.  The transgender rules are near the end. 

It’s well to bear in mind the 1981 Supreme Court ruling Rostker v. Goldberg that had held male-only conscription and Selective Service registration not to violate the equal protection clause.  I have a feeling that such a ruling would change if the issue were re-litigated today. Charles Rangel, who has supported equality in the military, also supports a draft, as did Charles Moskos after 9/11.  (See Nov. 6 posting.) 

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