Friday, December 18, 2015

A note about "equality" v. "stability" and freedom (upcoming HRC video)

Tonight, the Arlington AGLA held a “Jazz” social at Kora’s in Crystal City in Arlington.

I’ll mention that HRC has been asking supporters to submit photos and videos that will support a video on this year’s progress on equality. This time , I don’t have anything “special”.

As I noted on another blog today, the concepts of “equality”, “stability” and “freedom” all create some inherent tensions.  Think of “liberty, equality, fraternity” of the French Revolution.

I don’t work on “equality” for an identifiable group of people by itself as a special goal, because, given my own narrative, I have a lot more to add in the areas of personal autonomy when challenged by external threats or pressures.  Equality wouldn’t mean much to me personally in a ruined world.

On the other hand, equality is important to keep one’s life from becoming someone else’s bargaining chip, and this applies to single people, too.

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