Sunday, December 06, 2015

Military gender-neutral policies for combat commensurate with ending DADT and transgender ban; larger gay clubs face increasing financial challenges

First, I’ll continue a topic from the last post.  The New York Times has an editorial Sunday regarding the opening of all military combat roles to women, link here.   The idea is that fitness for combat roles will be gender-neutral, and usually most men will meet the criteria more readily than most women.   The Times notes that resistance to the change is related to “sexism”, as we understand cultural addiction to gender roles in the past.  The article compares attitudes toward the role of women, in the unit cohesion context, to past concerns over the role of gay men with “don’t ask don’t tell”.

But Ben Carson, GOP candidate, claimed that the military is not the place for social experimentation, reacting to the recent lifting of the ban on transgender soldiers, NBC News story here. A darker side to his comment was a reference to apparently wanting to go back to the old “don’t ask don’t tell” policy for gays repealed in 2011.

I’ll change the subject now, and mention that I visited the Grand Central  in Baltimore Saturday night to see how it was doing, giving the closing of the Hippo.  The crowd was smaller than I expected, although I left before midnight.  This was apparently “ladies’ night”, but the Sappho floor on the third floor was not open when I was there.

There are could use a new disco, and there are stories that the Eagle will reopen in 2016.  A Baltimore gay paper also reports that the “Club” in Martinsburg W Va has closed with the property sold to a developer.

In this new world of more mixed culture, it may be harder to justify large clubs unless the properties have other uses during the workweek (or can be used for stage shows, movies, etc)  Large dances may have to rent space in hotels and casinos.
Update: December 14, 2015

Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post writes "Women in combat will put men at greater risk."

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