Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders had stood up for gay rights in 1972, tried to help Bill Clinton lift the military ban

German Lopez reports that Bernie Sanders stood up for ending sodomy laws and other anti-gay laws as far back as 1972, on Vox, article here.  Lopez notes that Sanders scolded a conservative Congressman for insulting say soldiers who had put their lives on a line with a speech about “homos” in the military back in 1995, shortly after Bill Clinton had been able to start “don’t ask, don’t tell”.  Lopez also notes that as late as 1996 (when it seemed to me many things were improving rapidly) about half of all Americas thought that homosexual acts should be illegal, and the belief may not have been as always predicated on religion as most of us think.  Those were the days when Oliver North bragged that he didn’t “ask” his employees about sexual orientation, and Laura Schlessinger called homosexuality a “biological error” while bragging “I am my kids’ mom”, and Joe Palka was talk radio’s main liberal.

I have been critical of Sanders on other grounds on other posts, about catering to people who want benefits without figuring out how to pay for them.

Note in the cardstack, how Vox handles the conservative argument that marriage “channels” heterosexual activity into providing relationships for raising children coming from the potential for procreation.

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