Saturday, January 02, 2016

Gay marriage ruling coming into supposed religious "freedom", to see others conform

Michelle Boorstein has a major piece in the Washington Post “2015 clarified the right to gay marriage; It opened a world of questions for religious objectors”   In print, Saturday morning, in the Metro Section., the story reads “Clashes over gay rights in the religious workplace: job protections for employees may depend on the role they fill – and perhaps where they live.”

Jeffrey Higgins was fired from his job as a part-time cantor at the Mother Seston Catholic Church in Germantown MD (in upper Montgomery County) after a priest learned about his legal marriage to Robert Higgins. But in Massachusetts, in a similar case, a state court told a Catholic school that it could not fire an employee for a gay marriage.

The reasoning behind the firing still sounds rather childish. The church maintains that the cantor sets an example, and that younger people will not take the teachings of the church regarding marriage seriously if they see his same-sex marriage.  It sounds a little like arguments that were used regarding “unit cohesion” for the military.  It also sounds as though the church believes a lot of men won’t marry and have children and raise them unless they believe everyone else has to.  Ponder that.  That’s what Russia’s Vladimir Putin believes.

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