Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Intersectionalism" vs. gay equality in Israel -- perspective published

James Kirchick has a story on “Tablet”, how “Intersectionalism makes you stupid”.  A gay-rights group in Israel had to weigh who heckled and shouted the loudest, on the overall issue of Zionism.  Kirchick also notes that Israel is the only country in the Middle East reasonably accommodating to gay equality (it allowed gays to serve in the military, almost openly, long before the US did).    But Israel also gets appropriate, I think, moral criticism from libertarians over taking property from Palestinians by force, without compensation. Imagine the moral quandary of a teen growing up in a West Bank settlement.

Kirchick also points out the vitriolic executions of gay people in Raqqa.  I think actor-singer Timo Descamps tweeted about this some time ago, as well as about another situation in Saudi Arabia.

The writer mentions the idea of “hierarchies of virtue” based on (intersectionalism’s)  “identity politics” as opposed to individual equality (before the law) and autonomy related to personal responsibility, as well as a disturbing idea of “pinkwashing” (playing homophobia against Islamophobia). What about the idea of “de-prioritizing” other groups.  And “Marginization” as the “accumulation of various traits”.  He also notes how the debate over gay marriage progressed to “protecting an institution” rather than protecting society from “disease ridden deviants” as from some on the right in the 1980s. Likewise, debates over gays in the military was dignified by the term “unit cohesion”.

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