Friday, January 01, 2016

The year ends where it starts, and a new one begins, in "The Town"

The year 2015 began, and ended in the Town Danceboutique.

I’ve tried to add more variety to “bar stories”, especially in other cities.  I know a favorite of some friends is the Abbey in West Hollywood (was there in 2012).  In NYC, it’s The Therapy (a long way from the Ninth Street Center).  In Palm Springs there are bars galore. In Philadelphia, I seem to miss Rittenhouse Square and find the nearby mainstream restaurants.  In Boston, I’ve lurked around Cambridge, avoiding Matt Damon’s Southland or “The Town” (the other town, pun),  Don’t forget the Boatslip in P-town.  In Baltimore, we lost the Hippo, and the Grand Central could do more. Perhaps the largest dances will be held at rented casinos in the Harbor. Charlotte, the Scorpio is a favorite.  In Dallas, the S-4 and the Roundup (aka Magnolia’s TP); the Old P disappeared in 1980. And I haven’t walked Castro Street since 2002.

At the 930 club, two blocks from the Town (on the other side of Atlantic Plumbing Landmark Theaters), the cell tower became a New Years decoration.

In the Town itself, it seemed as if this were the year of the doppelganger. I can understand wanting to look like Jesse Eisenberg (“Now You See Me 2”), except you are four inches too tall.  And Eisenberg got bumped by Mark Zuckerberg himself on SNL, remember.

 The decorations, on the upstairs ceiling especially, emphasized a black-and-white Hitchcock movie theme. There was a vaudeville show at 12:30 AM upstairs.

In the meantime, Kathy Griffin found her Anderson in New York City, apparently without incident.

Note well a Washington Post editorial Jan. 1: "A cause for celebration in the New Year: Momentum on Gay Rights".

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