Sunday, January 17, 2016

Washington DC Baptist church delays considering allowing same-sex marriage as new pastor takes over

The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC has somewhat postponed its plan to present a symposium on same-sex marriage to its members and schedule a congregational vote.  (See earlier story Nov. 2, 2015).

This delay has happened because a new senior pastor, Julie Pennington-Russell started pastoral duties this morning, January 17, with a first sermon, “Making Joy”.   She will need some time to prepare to consider this issue, among many others.

Ironically, the sermon was based on a story about Jesus’s performing his first miracle at a wedding feast (John Chapter 2) where he turns water into wine.  The text does underscore how important the social and religious supports for marriage as a life-changing event was in the ancient world, and continues until this day.  One of the arguments against same-sex marriage in the recent past is that it is perceived as making (traditional and procreative) marriage less “important” or more peripheral to one’s identity, and therefore less interesting in the long run and less likely to happen.  (Maggie Gallagher wrote his way ten years ago.)

It is expected that the matter will be reconsidered by summer, and the current membership might pass it by a small majority if a vote were taken today.
Many LGBT community members were offended in the GOP debates by Red Cruz's linking "New York Values" to same-sex marriage, but Cruz claims Trump has said that himself.

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