Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gay single men can adopt children, but the media coverage is fragmentary; Rubio wants to form panet to overturn gay marriage rulings

It is possible for single individuals, including gay men, to adopt children in many jurisdictions.
Recently I talked to an African-American male in his thirties who had adopted a 12-year-old (presumably African-American) teen four years ago, now 16, in Prince Georges County, Maryland. 

He had volunteered a lot first, and had to pass extensive background checks (including family background).

This topic is not covered a lot yet by major media outlets, besides “exceptional” stories. 
However, even as early as 2003, in some communities, like Minneapolis, there were initiative to encourage singles to adopt.
NBC4-Washington’s “Wednesday’s Child” has not yet covered the topic of gay parent adoptions, especially by singles, as far as I now.  But social norms have changed very rapidly (following  gay marriage) in many communities.  
There's a negative story, that GOP candidate Marco Rubio wants to form a panel to try to overturn the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling(s), link

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