Monday, February 29, 2016

NY Times editorial hits "first amendment defense" state laws against gay couples

The New York Times has chastised the behavior of legislatures of at least eight states, most of all Georgia, for a “First Amendment Defense Act” legislation.

In Georgia, the bill would shield those from legal punishment who refuse to offer services on religious grounds not only to same-sex couples but also interracial couples, or interfaith, or remarried.  They could shield hospitals that don’t allow visitation.

Again, the idea of “family values” has split into segments.  It’s important that people, as they get older and less “attractive”, be able to form and keep relationships that don’t involve procreation but that do allow couples to provide care for one another. In an age of longer lifespans, this is important to lower costs to society.  Interracial relationships, while not to everyone’s personal taste or choice, do help reduce tensions (see Friday’s post).
On the other hand, old fashioned conservatism think that some kind of higher purpose is achieved by limiting all sexuality to procreative sexual intercourse within marriage (see my Issues blog post Feb. 28).

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