Thursday, March 24, 2016

North Carolina house passes "emergency" bill voiding local anti-discrimination notices, particularly in response to Charlotte trans bill

The North Carolina House has passed a bill voiding all local anti-discrimination laws in several areas, providing that only the General Assembly can pass such laws.  The bill was even drafted in a special session. LGBT groups have already threatened to sue, and there has been talk comparing it to Colorado Amendment 2 (Romer v. Evans, 1996) or even a noxious law proposed in Washington State in 1992.

In Georgia, there is another bill based on a religious pretext.  Hollywod, which funds a lot of film development in Georgia (especially for Lionsgate) is pressuring the governor to veto the bill, according to one  CNN report.  But it is Time-Warner (Warner Brothers) and The Weinstein Company putting the most pressure. Timothy Holbrook doesn't mince words as he discusses both North Carolina and Georgia bills, as about blatant discrimination, here.

Before crying Chicken Little, I have to admit I have become somewhat “complacent” in reacting to so many of these “religious freedom” bills from many states, especially in the South, and to bills involving bathroom breaks. But the NC bill is a lot more pervasive.

I somewhat feel that most reputable businesses don’t want these laws and I can frequent them.  And I still take the libertarian position that churches have to be able to follow their own beliefs when it comes to issues like marriages.

On the other hand, the idea of being cast as a second-class-citizen because “I” didn’t participate in reproduction does hit home hard.  That has certainly affected me many times in the past.

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