Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quiet St. Patty's Day in Arlington; recalling Rev. Uhrig's essay on "marriage"

Tonight, AGLA had a light Saint Patty’s Day party and karaoke show at Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington.

And, for a weekday evening, the Crystal City area was very crowded tonight.

Not a lot happened, but I am given to recalling a paid-ad op-ed written back in 1991 by the late Rev. Larry Uhrig, former pastor of MCCDC (Metropolitan Community Church of Washington DC).

Uhrig would survive a long time with AIDS and continue to work and preach until the end of 1993, well before modern medications made the disease much more manageable.  He would have a major remembrance service on New Year’s Day, 1994, which representatives of the Clinton White House present.

Uhrig wrote a piece “There is no better half.”  That applies now both to traditional marriage and to same-sex marriage.  Uhrig, with a touch of objectivism, almost Ayn Rand like, believed someone had to be his own accomplished person before entering marriage or a real relationship, and not be too much into being made whole by the other person.  Just what marriage “means” now is getting to be a subject of psychological paradox.  It seems as though one has to grow socially enough (in terms of feeling rewarded by doing things for others) to make the rewards and perks of marriage rewarding, once entered into.  But marriage alone is not the force that gets people to grow up.

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