Thursday, March 10, 2016

"The Boy from Mushin", documentary about a young man who came out in Nigeria, still needs more funds from Kickstarter

There is a film project by Joe Cohen in the UK, “The Boy from Mushin”, about Bisi Alimi, who came out as gay on Nigerian television, and put his life on the line.

The film has a Kickstarter funding source, which is explained here.
Nigeria, as has been documented before, apparently has some of the most draconian anti-gay laws in Africa, as in this story.

One idea sometimes heard is that homosexuality is “un-African”. This isn’t just about a disconnect from procreation. It’s also about the idea of leadership trying to make the people have they have some special group identity, much as is described in the writings of Eric Hoffer (Book reviews, March 6).

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