Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Has Kasich tried to become "acceptable" to LGBT voters?

John Kasich took a moderate tone on gay issues last night in the family town hall (with his wife and two daughters) and moderator Anderson Cooper (openly gay in the sense that he was never “in”).
CNN included his remarks on a longer story about the GOP nominating process which I posted on Facebook.

He said, if you were a gay couple and a particular bridal shop didn’t want to service you, then you would probably go down the street to another one.   If you worked as a photographer and didn’t want to do a gay wedding or cover a story on transgender surgery, you shouldn’t have to.  That’s pretty much the libertarian position.  He also said that he had attended one gay wedding in Ohio with his family (of a close family friend) himself and personally had no problem doing so.

But he thought that conservative politicians were touting a phony idea of “religious freedom” to draw more attention to themselves and create more tension among voters.  The law is settled, and doesn’t need to remain a political or “religious” spectacle in the courts or state legislatures.

However, an HRC story in February seemed much less welcoming to LGBT people. What does he really believe?  Is he moderating his position to be a more acceptable mainstream candidate?

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