Tuesday, April 05, 2016

NC "warned" by Paypal on anti-gay law; MS passes law that ties religious beliefs to biological gender

Paypal has canceled a planned expansion to Charlotte, in response to North Carolina’s gratuitous “anti-gay law”, as German Lopez explains in Vox here.

In the mean time, Mississippi has passed and the governor has signed a “religious freedom” bill that outlines the three specific religious beliefs that will be honored by the bill. (1) Marriage is between a man and a woman (2) People are born assigned to a specific biological sex and not free to change it and (3) Sex is only for procreation within marriage.  Elliot C. McLaughlin reports on CNN here. A guest on CNN pointed out that a person could be reported to an employer as trans and fired for using the wrong bathroom in almost any state with a law like this.

Protect thy Neighbor has some more commentary on the bill here.

Update: April 8

The Washington Time has a front page article by Bradford Richardson indicating that Paypal and Apple, among other companies critical of North Carolina's (and Mississppi's) recent laws, operate in countries far more hostile to gays.  Paypal has extensive operations in Malaysia, and most tech companies try to do business in countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, China, Singapore, and often Russia.  In practice, the ability to work overseas in non-democratic countries is a major workplace issue.

Update: April 14

The governor is calling for modification of the reach of the bill into other discrimination, and has signed an executive order restoring some anti-discrimination protections at least for state employees. The governor is caught in a "crossfire" of the GOP civil war (Washington Post story). 

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