Thursday, April 07, 2016

US military is slow to move on transgender integration

The New York Times has an editorial Wednesday, April 7, 2016, arguing that the Department of Defense and Ashton Carter are moving too slowly on providing the ability for transgender soldiers to serve fully and openly in the military.

The NYT provides some detailed analysis. What's apparent is that in some individual cases, transgender soldiers will be fully capable of combat, just as it is likely that someday we'll see a transgender player (especially a pitcher) in MLB.
But things have come a long way.  Five years ago we were still concerned about completing the certification process to end “don’t ask don’t tell”.

And there is a natural concern that some of the GOP candidates (especially Cruz and Trump, but probably not the more “moderate” mainstream candidates who could be nominated at an open convention in Cleveland in July) might even try to undo the 2010-2011 repeal, given their own concepts of “military readiness” and “unit cohesion” (the ultimate buzzword) in carrying out anti-terrorism operations overseas (especially in Middle Eastern and African countries) and in standing firm against Vladimir Putin’s Russia (with its anti-gay propaganda law, ironically).  Cruz is actually hard to figure, because some of his recent statements have veered much more toward libertarianism, which could be good for LGBT people.

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