Saturday, April 30, 2016

Washington Post describes anti-gay parts of the world after Bangladesh murder

The Washington Post has a welcome editorial on persecution of LGBT populations in non-democratic countries, link here.  The piece is motivated by a news story of a horrific home invasion in Bangladesh and hatchet murder of a journalist supporting gay rights.  The Washington Blade has a story on the Bangladesh incident, where Kerry has asked the government of that Islamic country to investigate the murders.

The editorial points out that horrific treatment of some LGBT populations is hardly limited to the Islamic world.  Russia is a prime example, as are some Christian countries in Africa.  What’s apparent is that in many cultures, especially more secular ones like in Russia, there is not only a tendency for dictators to look for scapegoats for their own failed economic policies, there is also a belief that toleration to acceptance of LGBT populations will mean fewer babies and make a country weaker (this is most notably true in Russia). In many people’s minds, participation in procreation and child rearing is a bigger moral requirement than fidelity to a marriage someone already has entered.

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