Sunday, May 08, 2016

Baltimore's Grand Central seems lively enough for Maryland's film festival

I hadn’t been to the strip on Charles Street in Baltimore for a while, but Saturday night I visited the Grand Central Club after the Maryland Film Festival events.

The upstairs lounges (third floor) have been redecorated somewhat and now have some dancing, in addition to the main floor (rather small) on the first floor.  The crowd on the third floor did build up fairly early, possibly because of the nearby Filmfest.

But there has been very little progress on converting the Hippo, which closed in October, into a CVS yet.  The whole Hippo closing reflects not the issue of the riots and curfews (probably what people think), but instead the difficulties of a new owner's getting a liquor license if an established owner retires.
The free Circulator bus was very effective during the festival, an idea that may be necessary in Washington soon as Metro will no longer be open after midnight. The area of the City beyond North Avenue looks much better than it did a year ago after the riots.

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