Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gay Republicans are mixed on Trump's likely nomination

Donald Trump attracted negative attention from the gay community most recently with his short list of Supreme Court nominees to replace Antonin Scalia, all social conservatives, or strict constructionists, or orginalists – take your pick.

But earlier the Washington Blade had run a piece by Lou Chibbaro, Jr., examining whether “Gay Republicans” will support Trump.

While numerous prominent people associated with Log Cabin said they would not, there is a group in Washington “Libertarians for Trump” which to me sounds like an oxymoron.

Gay people (and transgender) definitely have stayed off Trump’s short enemies’ list, which comprises mostly Muslims and immigrants through Mexico, cultural opposites.  Trump has experience with gay people in “The Apprentice”, a few of whom did very well in the competitions.

However, Trump has spoken against gay marriage (although maybe out of opportunism).  It’s not clear what he would say right now.
I have a concern that if he were Commander in Chief, he might try to roll back advances in the military (ending “don’t ask don’t tell” and integrating transgender troops), saying that with the enemies we have abroad, we don’t need the “distractions”.  Since DADT Repeal, the US military has not needed to make a major large deployment, keeping direct intervention on ISIL overseas limited and preferring to act secondarily to middle-Eastern and European troops.

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