Friday, May 06, 2016

Legal patchwork on "gender registration" by state is messy, often misreported even by politicians

I'll enclose Vox's explainer on transgender issues,  a card stack.

Vox says to me there is some question right now whether a transgender person really can change his or her gender legally on a birth certificate or drivers license, as McCrory claims, and Vox will check further. Look at the map on p. 4 of the Explainer. I know people in NC, especially UNC (tremendous music and film programs), but no one has brought this up.

The New York Times has an important editorial "Restoring bathroom sanity in North Carolina". NYT says that concern over heterosexual men in women's rooms is pandering to fear, and also mentions administration slowness in lifting the transgender ban in the military (so that it can benefit from the "Lady Valor" type of Seal) -- that could get derailed if Trump were elected in the fall.

Vox also recommends the National Center for Transgender Equality with its state-by-state legal guide online ("ID Documents Center") here.   Virginia allows the change on a driver's licence. And, by the way, some states got fussier on changing legal documents after 9/11.

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