Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Virginia Supreme Court recognizes legal concept of cohabitation for same-sex couples

The Virginia Supreme Court in Richmond has ruled that the Supreme Court Obergefell ruling on gay marriage means that unmarried gay couples are viewed as “cohabitants” in the same sense as unmarried heterosexual couples.

Tom Jackman has a story in the Washington Post Metro section today, Tuesday, May 3, here.

The ruling came about when a Fairfax County man wanted to stop alimony payments to his ex-wife when she moved in with a female partner.  The Virginia high court overturned local and state appellate court rulings that disregarded any legal status for same-sex cohabitants.

The article summarizes the history of the now defunct Marshall-Newman state constitutional amendment in 2006, which had attempt to bar legal recognition of all same-sex couples.

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