Sunday, June 19, 2016

Some US states still have Russian-style "anti-promo" laws on the books, even if few enforce them.

Although the US is much better than Russia, at least eight states have “no pro homo laws” for public school systems, and two have laws preventing anti-gay bullying programs.  Mic has a map and story here.

Think Progress has a similar map here  referred to by the Washington Post here.  Texas and Alabama reportedly require teachers to portray homosexuality as abhorrent (and I don’t think these laws are enforced).

The underlying theme seems to be that “promoting homosexuality” will persuade many people, especially men, to have fewer children and weaken family lineages, in cultures where this matters to people’s sense of identity.  As in totalitarian societies, homophobia is also driven by a fear that women will become less compliant to the demands of some men.

I did visit the Town's replay of the Orlando benefit Friday night, postponing the visit from Thursday during the threat of big storms (which did not materialize).  There was also a donation opportunity at Freddie's for the brunch Saturday.

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