Friday, July 15, 2016

GOP platform emerging in Cleveland is a process-piece getting progressively "more bad"

Tim Mak has an “Oh, Really?” column in the Daily Beast, “Donald Trump’s Platform Committee: Gay Sex Deadlier than Smoking”.

But Jeremy Diamond of CNN reports, “Trump to LGBT Community:‘I’m a real friend.”  Since Orlando?  Actually, he did treat gay contestants rather well on The Apprentice.

And in the Dallas Morning News, Laruen McGaughy wrote that the GOP platform will complete the job of alienating Republican millennials, if Trump (hands separately) hadn’t already done it.
I still think that the hyperbole of the most extreme anti-gay rhetoric (maybe not receding as quickly as I had thought) has a lot to do with “denying lineage”. Some people need it, if they don’t have anything else. 

There was also some (less controversial) language discouraging singling out specific groups as targets of foreign terrorism, as in Mother Jones. 

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