Saturday, August 13, 2016

Benefit at Freddie's; U Street Corridor seems to be surviving Metro weekend midnight shutdown

I’m not big on drag shows for their own sake, but early Friday evening I did attend an AGLA scholarship benefit ($10) at Freddie’s Beach Bar (in Crystal City, near the Pentagon).

Some of the performers did not “blend genders”.

AGLA has videos of the event on Facebook here.

It turned out you needed a reservation for dinner or else you sat at the bar to eat (as if you were Bryce Harper at Ted’s Bulletin).

I came back and then tested how well DC’s U Street Corridor is dealing with the loss of Metro. Post midnight weekend service.

I took Uber right to Town DC.  The driver came immediately, was a “nerd” like young white male, and drove extremely carefully, defying all the stereotypes of young men.  We passed a DC Circulator bus on the way in.

At town, the upstairs dance floor seemed to be open right at 10 PM, as if starting earlier was a good idea (follows Bear night).  The drag show was about as crowded as usual, as was the upstairs until about 1:30 AM when I left.  The downstairs dance floor was not as crowded as usual.  There was a minor accident upstairs – a girl fell down and appeared passed out.  Two college-age men lifted her up and she regained consciousness and appeared OK, and I don’t know what happened afterward.  I’ve never seen this happen before.

When I left, I saw a regular Metro Bus at the Florida Ave – U Street connect.  Does that mean that Metro has replaced the trains with meaningful bus service to help employees of the businesses?  I hope so.  I don't think it has provide bus service into Arlington after midnight, but it could consider running Rt 38 from Farragut Square to Ballston.

I got a cab on U Street before trying to dial Uber.  But Uber is a lot cheaper.
I you are willing to share, you can probably get to Town and back from Uber from Arlington for little more than the cost of parking in a garage.  

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