Thursday, September 29, 2016

Center Global reception in October; Adoption Information Forum at DC Center in November

Center Global, of the DC Center, will hold its 4th Annual Reception on Thursday Oct. 6, 2016 in Washington DC in the Chastleton Ballroon on 16th St.  The basic ticket is $20 and it appears you must have a Paypal account to reserve it (the account can be linked to a credit card for automatic refreshing).  There are many enhanced sponsorship levels.  On the other hand, some CG events (like monthly dinners) are closed.

There will be an event on Oct. 19 regarded undocumented GLBT, details here.  The story of Washington Post reporter Jose Vargas comes to mind (Movies: May 30, 2014).

The DC Center will also sponsor an Adoption Information Night Nov. 16, details on Facebook here.  The event would seem to be of interest mostly to same-sex couples, but there is increasing, if guarded acceptance (and maybe even need) for singles to adopt.

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