Wednesday, September 07, 2016

CNN publishes guide for HIV care and Obamacare

There is a very helpful post on CNN about health insurance, Obamacare, and long-term HIV treatment, mostly with protease inhibitors.

Some people stop the medication because of financial concerns, or sometimes side effects, although these have become much less troublesome than they once were.

In one case, a man who had Kaposi’s Sarcoma in 1992 and cured it with protease inhibitors and got his HIV load to almost zero, stopped medication and around 2012 or so found the lesions coming back, and they again disappeared with treatment.

KS is known to be associated with a specific herpes virus.  Like some lymphomas, leukemias, and uterine tumors and brain tumors, it is one of the relatively few cancers for which specific causative viruses are known or strongly suspected. .

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