Monday, November 21, 2016

Mother who fought for end of DADT passes away

Patricia Kutteles, who fought for the end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” has passed away at 67.
Kutteles was the mother of PFC Barry Winchell, who was beaten to death by a homophobic soldier, now in prison, after taunts, at a post in Kentucky, in 1999.  The New York Times story by Sam Roberts is here.

Winchell’s murder was depicted in the 2003 Showtime film “Soldier’s Girl”.  SLDN (now Outserve) gave considerable coverage to the incident when it happened.

The Lifetime movie “Any Mother’s Son” (1996) had depicted the murder in Sasebo, Japan of Navy Sailor Allen Schindler in 1992 (before Clinton’s DADT) in another homophobic attack.  Scattered incidents happened throughout the 1990s, including one while I was on vacation in 1994 which, when I read about it in a local Colorado newspaper in a diner, inspired me to my first DADT book.

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