Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Troubling (and very sensitive) news stories considering potential safety of people from Zambia and Venezuela

Since I have considered the possibility of hosting an asylee and can’t say how this is going to turn out (I'll detail some considerations from my own situation angle on Wordpress soon), I was at least hesitant to report these stories immediately.

But I’ll pass along a couple links from the Blade without much comment.

One of them concerns the arrival of at least two activists from Venezuela, as reported by Michael Lavers in the Washington Blade here Monday.  The Washington Post has a story about Venezuela's barring of journalists.

The other is a story about the apparent disappearance of an asylum seeker and physician from Zambia, someone who had been working with the Global Health Corp.

 The. Lavers story on this incident is here.  But there is a lot of background, much of it bizarre, in a Twitter index here.  Any visitor who know anything material about this matter is encouraged to contact the Washington DC Police Department at the number shown.

Update: Nov. 3

At midday Nov. 2, the Washington DC Police Department tweeted that the Zambian asylum seeker had been found and was safe.  The Blade just put up a story this morning here.

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