Monday, December 12, 2016

Local DC gay paper assesses "threat levels" of Trump's choices; "Milo" throws kerosene on the military issue (maybe)

The Metro Weekly has a story by John Riley, which reads online, “Every LGBT person should be terrified of Trump’s administration”, which in print (Dec. 19), reads “Threat Levels”.  These range from “Scorched Earth” (Jeff Sessions) to “Sparks” (Mattis). Call the last level "Fireflies", like the song.

 Yet when you read the individual pieces, most of the scenarios are about fringe-like situations that don’t occur for most LGBT people.  So even Milo might have fun with this one.

But there is a nasty undertone to some of this.  That is, when HIV-infection is regarded under the umbrella of chosen behavior and personal responsibility, a lot of times the politics do not turn out well. Moral hazard is a touchy subject, which, you could say, tends to divide people.

There is still a slim possibility that legal challenges (involved with the Russian hacking) could prevent Trump from becoming president -- but then would he be Pence?
Update: later today

This post by "bad boy" Milo Yiannopolous may be disconcerting;  it refers to letting women serve in combat.  But there are individual women quite capable of serving in combat, just as there are individual transgender people, even if infrequent.

The post literally would not apply to gay men, who have the same biology as far as strength and metabolism as straight men (most of the time).

I think it's inevitable that Major League Baseball will see a transgender player eventually, probably a pitcher (especially relief pitcher).

In the meantime:  is Milo the real-life incarnation of the character Shane Lyons from "Judas Kiss"?

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