Friday, December 02, 2016

Price as HHS secretary seen as problematic for LGBT people

The Washington Blade reports, in an article by Stephen Forsell, that the appointment of Tom Price (R-Ga) to be secretary of HHS, is bad for LGBT people, article here.

His history is that of opposing repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, voting against ENDA, and supporting a constitutional amendment to support what George W. Bush had called “the sanctity of marriage” in 2004.  There is fear that he could support funds for conversion therapy.  There is a sensation that he is anti-science and many of his ideas don’t concur with modern medical thinking.

One could wonder (on World AIDS Day, especially) if the funding of prescription protease inhibitors for people with HIV could be an issue.  Medical advances have made the side effects of protease inhibitors much less problematic than in the past.

Of great concern, too, is not only repeal or a take-down of “Obamacare”, but also a gradual replacement of Medicare with premium supports for seniors to buy private insurance.

Update: Dec. 3

I'll put a negative story about HIV that I saw, regarding a VA doctor who could have infected up to 600 people with HIV, Hepatitis B, or Hepatitis C (both of which can be asymptomatic in people with stronger immune systems but possibly lead to liver cancer later in life), for reusing the same instruments, which may have been his name, McClatchy story here.

This reminds me of the Kimberly Bergalis case with a dentist in Florida in 1989

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