Sunday, January 29, 2017

Log Cabin Republicans may become more influential than HRC in the Trump era

Lou Chibbaro Jr. has a lead story in the Washington Blade, “Move Over HRC” Friday, Jan. 27, in a story that appeared before Donald Trump’s controversial executive order affecting refugees late Friday.  The “subroutine” is “Log Cabin emerges as lead LGBT group in Trump Era”, link .

The story mentions a meeting held Saturday January 21, 2017 at a “T Party” at the Capitol Hill Club, in which LCR met with some people from the Trump campaign. I’m not in the in group on this, but I used to be more so, back in the 1990s (at that time writer Dan Blatt was in Washington and active).

 There was networking them also with Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty, GLIL, which has had a hard time getting much traction in recent years.

A certain insularity has developed amount more “conservative” gays, who often tend to live very independent lives in their own separate bubble arenas and not get affected much by policy changes.

The LCR page supports Betty Devos and claims Trump supports LGBT rights personally, partly because he seemed to treat gay candidates well on “The Apprentice” (although he doesn’t like Rose O’Donnell, but that’s for other reasons).  Trump did mention LGBTQ people as targets of radical Islam.

LCR could try to help protect federal workers (especially those with clearances) and military service members (maintaining DADT repeal and transgender integration – these goals tend to appeal to conservative gays, and are bolstered, for example, by the narrative of a transgender former Navy Seal.

I think LCR could help the GOP in Congress reach a reasonable solution in health care, in a manner that would somewhat protect coverage for HIV treatment and prevention.  One way would to become influential in discussions about how pre-existing conditions should be managed in an acceptable manner – keeping it from increasing premiums for ordinary Americans on individual plans who voted for Trump because of outrage over Obamacare premium increases.

Lambda Legal sent an email expressing odd displeasure about LGBT people being made chess “pawns” in the executive order which mentioned “sexual orientation” as a particular target of radical Islamic terrorism.

I got to the White House demonstrations in Lafayette Park today late. I think about 20% of the crowd was LGBT.  An odd alliance with Muslims and new political bedfellows.  17th Street was crowded (JR’s), possibly from the demonstrations.

There is some talk of making Capital Pride 2017 a March on Washington (like 1993, 2000).

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