Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump administration won't deny anti-LGBT XO reversals are possible

LGBTQ interests became much more concerned today when Sean Spicer refused to answer a question from Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade about future executive orders that could remove protections from President Obama.  Spicer would not prove the negative – deny that that an anti-gay order is possible.

The biggest concern is removal of protection of employees of federal contractors, or possibly employees.  There is concern that “religious liberty” clauses would allow people using federal funds to refuse to participate in offering services, such as adoption services to same-sex married couples, on religious grounds while holding publicly funded jobs (like Kim Davis in Kentucky).

This gets into what I have called “conflict of interest” – whether performing a job is a personally expressive act or simply a job function that an employer takes full moral ownership of.

American Blog has a rather strident but speculative account of the possibilities here.

Chris Johnson’s own account in the Blade Monday evening is here.

So far there is no direct talk that this goes into other areas, like the military, or high level security clearances.  (A gay man is Secretary of the Army, an Obama appointment.)

However, it contradicts the optimism of Log Cabin Republicans, reported yesterday, about working constructively with the new administration and Congress.  One practical problem is the perceived hostility of Trump’s rural and lesser educated voter base to progressive ideas like LGBT equality in a zero-sum mentality.

Logo reports on a gay chemical engineer working in San Francisco, from Iran, who was held at Fort Lauderdale on a cruise but finally allowed back into the country late Sunday, account.

But another Iranian immigrant has been denied admission so far, according to a Blade story today.

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