Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gavin Grimm's arguments before the Supreme Court made public

The Washington Blade has a story by Chris Johnson outlining seven arguments made by Gavin Grimm before the Supreme Court, link here.  Essentially, the Tidewater Virginia school policy singles him out too much.

The clip above comes from the National Geographic film “Gender Revolution” with Katie Couric.

Here is the ACLU link on Grimm’s case and here is the brief.

Update: March 3, 2017 

It would be noteworthy to reference the rules for birth certificate change in Virginia.  It appears that a medical procedure would need to have been completed (link).

Update: March 6, 2017

The US Supreme Court removed (or vacated) a lower court's ruling in Grimm's favor and sent it back to the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, as a result of Trump's EO.

Update:  March 13, 2017

Gavin Grimm had indeed gotten his birth certificate changed.  The school district had argued that Title XI only protects women from discrimination, but that interpretation sounds discriminatory!  Here's the Salon story.

This sounds like something that states and school districts should be able to handle, but yet, indirectly at least, in this case, the school district wants a certain "gender-normative" interpretation, which is still discriminatory. I look at my own attitude.  Yes (like Milo) I personally admire and feel attracted only to "cisgender" gay men, of whom there are plenty. What I feel personally and know intellectually indeed are in conflict.

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